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Do you want to immigrate to the United States? Starting the immigration process can be tricky and many people are unsure how to go about obtaining the first few documents needed to be granted a visa. At The Law Offices of Miguel Rivera, PLLC, we are prepared to assist our clients with reaching their immigration goals. With our trusted counsel, years of experience and hands-on commitment to our clients, you may be able to obtain the correct visa for you. Immigration visas are meant to assist people immigrating to the States for a long period of time, not for those who wish to temporarily visit. If you are seeking any type of legal permanent residence in the United States, contact a Northern Virginia immigration lawyer from The Law Offices of Miguel Rivera right away.

Most immigrants are sponsored into the United States by a legal permanent resident or citizen. Family members, spouses and relatives can all sponsor you if they are legally residing within the country. If you have accepted a job in the United States, your employer may sponsor you into the States. After your petition to enter the United States is filed and accepted, your case will move to the National Visa Center for processing. You will be provided with information on your visa, your sponsor will also be notified of any additional information that may be needed from them. If the petition is being filed outside of the U.S., this process will take place in a United States Embassy. If your relative is the one sponsoring you into the country, there are some important things that they will need to know. First, the petition they file has to be approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Your sponsor may have to meet before a consular officer as well.

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At The Law Offices of Miguel Rivera, we understand that this time in your life may be stressful – many people do not know where to turn or how to begin their immigration process. Sponsors, petitioners and potential immigrants alike can all work with our firm. Since 2002, we have been assisting immigrants realize their American dreams and awe may be able to help you, too. We are proud to assist all walks of life, from all different countries and have a high success rate of allowing our clients to gain access into the United States. Attorney Rivera has assisted individuals, families, business associates and members of the LGBT community make their American dreams come true. If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Miguel Rivera today to schedule a consultation.

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