Loudoun County Car Ends Windshield Decal Requirement

as of July 1, Loudouners and most town residents no longer need window stickers on their cars.

The Board of Supervisors last year got rid of the requirement for window decals on vehicles registered in Loudoun, substituting a $25 annual vehicle license fee requirement for the previous $25 vehicle decal fee.

The idea began as a discussion about centralizing billing and collecting taxes for the towns with the county treasurer’s office starting in 2019, with an eye toward cutting costs and simplifying things for town residents. Treasurer Roger Zurn said his staff wouldn’t be able to take on the additional workload of dealing with the stickers as well.

The county has worked out agreements with Hillsboro, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Middleburg and Round Hill to take over real estate and personal property taxes. The towns of Purcellville and Hamilton elected not to participate.

With the transition from decals to license fees, the sheriff’s office’s Project Fairness—which had deputies assigned to check for vehicle decals—has been closed. Between the cost of administering the decal program, printing and mailing the stickers, and running Project Fairness, the window stickers were estimated to cost the county about $430,000 a year. It is yet to be seen how much money the county will lose to reduced compliance with the tax law, if any.

The Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office has taken over responsibility for enforcement, using a wide range of tools such as cross-checking Department of Motor Vehicles records.

For questions about the new vehicle license fee, contact the Office of the Treasurer at 703-777-0280 or email taxes@loudoun.gov.

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