Steinberg Begins Council Bid

Leesburg Town Council candidate Neil Steinberg has kicked off his council campaign.  Saturday afternoon at the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Academy, where he has been a long-time student and instructor, Steinberg was surrounded by friends and supporters.

“I’ve spent a lot of years as a part of this community and I think I am better for it,” he said. Steinberg and his wife, KD Kidder, have owned and operated Photoworks in downtown Leesburg for almost 40 years. The couple moved to the town in 2008.

Steinberg also pointed to his long-time relationship with USTMA and said the interactions he sees between students and teachers is an example that “the level of cooperation and achievement of common goals is possible in a diverse community.” That’s the attitude and spirit he hopes to bring to the council if elected to serve, he says.


He pointed to the “tidal wave” of development coming to Leesburg recently, as more businesses and developers see it as a vibrant place to be. He said the council needs to determine what it wants the town’s growth to be, and pointed to the development of a master plan for the town’s Eastern Gateway District as a top priority. Steinberg noted that it is essential that the visions for the town are guided by its residents, not developers.

“We’re here to serve the interests of people who live here,” he said.

Leesburg is preparing to face some “big city issues,” he said, including the traffic impact of the DC United stadium planned at Philip A. Bolen Park, just outside the town limits. He also cited potential long-term concerns the town should prepare for, including whether Leesburg should ensure it has an adequate power and water supply for future data centers; the undergrounding of utilities; and the impact of China’s decision to no longer accept plastic recycling.

He vowed to work with all members of the council to continue to make Leesburg “the best place” to work and live.

Steinberg and Leesburg native Kari Nacy are the two challengers battling for one of three Town Council seats on November’s ballot. Those seats are currently occupied by Vice Mayor Suzanne Fox and council members Vanessa Maddox and Marty Martinez, all of whom are running for re-election.

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