EU for Inclusive, Transparent Polls

DHAKA: The European Union called upon the government of Bangladesh, Election Commission and all stakeholders to ensure a genuine, credible, inclusive and transparent electoral process.

Heads of mission of the European Union and the heads of mission of Norway and Switzerland made the call in a statement issued on Monday (December 10) the day when the formal campaigning period for the parliamentary elections begins.

They also urged all stakeholders to uphold and protect the citizens’ rights to universal suffrage, freedom of expression and right to peaceful assembly.

They called upon all political parties to meet their democratic responsibilities and to refrain from violence.

Besides, the heads of mission welcomed the commitments made by the Election Commission and the Bangladesh Government in this respect.

The heads of mission of the EU nations urged law enforcement agencies to strictly adhere to the rule of law and Media and civil society to scrutinize for ensuring transparency throughout this process”, the statement adds.

In the statement, they also mentioned that participatory elections constitute an important step in the ongoing process of national development for all Bangladeshi citizen

Credit / Banglanews24

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