US-EU-UK Calls for Investigation of Irregularities in Bangladesh Elections

The United States, European Union, or the EU and the United Kingdom have urged the authorities and the Election Commission to investigate and solve the various irregularities committed during the election of the 11th National Assembly of Bangladesh and on the day of the election.

In a separate statement, the United States, EU and the United Kingdom praised the election to be participatory after boycotting the 2014 election, saying it is a positive progression. US State Department deputy spokesman Robert Paladino said in a statement that allegations of irregularities in the voters’ voting in the election have been raised, which in turn hurt people’s confidence in the electoral process.

The EU said in a statement that voting and campaigning in the voting day did not have a level playing field, especially significant obstacles in the whole process – disrupted voting and campaigning.

UK State Minister of State Mark Field condemned the incidents of various irregularities, intimidation and illegal violence before and after the election in a statement.

Three parties expressed concern about the deaths and injuries caused by the violence before the election and on the day of the election. They call for a full, transparent and acceptable investigation of all allegations during the election period.

Credit – VOA Bangla


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