The Government of Bangladesh has Planned a Future Plan for Diplomats

On behalf of the new government of Bangladesh, various issues related to the future plans of the government are presented to diplomats of different countries in Dhaka.

Foreign Ministry AK Mohammad Abdul Momen has presented these issues to diplomats, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. This was the first meeting of Abdul Momen with the diplomats after the appointment of the Foreign Minister.

It is said in the statement that the Foreign Minister expressed hope that the international community will continue to support the Rohingya crisis.

But after the meeting, the diplomats said there was no talk about the December 30 elections. Vatican Ambassador George Kochery said the diplomats assured the Foreign Ministry of their cooperation in the development of Bangladesh.

United States, Britain, France, Japan, China, India, Netherlands and diplomats from other countries and representatives from various UN organizations were present in the meeting.

 Credit – VOAbangla
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