The US Embassy in Bangladesh celebrates the 7th anniversary of landing on the moon

On Tuesday, the US Embassy in Bangladesh celebrated the 7th anniversary of the landing of the spacecraft Apollo I.

A press release from the embassy said on Wednesday that a day-long program was held at the American Center in Dhaka. Inaugurating the program, US Ambassador to Bangladesh Robert Miller cited that famous quote by innovator Neil Armstrong, “It is a small step for a human being, but a huge leap for mankind.”

About 5 students and guests participated in the event. During the ceremony, visitors will see a variety of photos of NASA and a replica of the historical memorabilia of the Apollo 3 mission and three voyagers’ world travels.

Meanwhile, on July 22nd at the American Center, the banddoll concertine performed music on the theme of the moon in front of a visiting audience at the Principal Hall. In addition, more than 4,000 people enjoy the event through Facebook Live.

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